The Digital Maturity Index (IMD) is now available in open data format

The Digital Maturity Index (IMD) already is available on the AOC's Open Data Portal. The data set includes the score obtained in the different editions of the IMD by the 947 councils and 41 regional councils of Catalonia and the value of all the indicators with which the IMD is calculated.

What is IMD?

The IMD is a composite index that assesses the degree of digital transformation of Catalan local administrations. It is calculated using the weighted sum of more than 30 indicators organized in three dimensions: digital rights, activity of digital services and open government. You can check more details about how we build the IMD on the page of methodology of the Open Administration Awards

It is a unique and innovative initiative, both at state and international level. There are a large number of indices that measure the development of digital government, such as theDigital Economy and Society Index (DESI) of the EC, theElectronic Government Development Index (EGDI) of the UN or thee-Government Benchmark of the EC, but they are all defined at country level and cannot be applied at regional or local level. Furthermore, they are based on surveys or statistical data, while the IMD uses public and objective data.

Because we think it's of interest

The IMD data set contains a historical series of more than 30 indicators related to the digital government of 988 local Catalan entities. This is data that may be useful to you in your work, in your research or in your online data services and products.

If you are a political leader, the IMD score will allow you to know the state of your organization's situation compared to the bodies leading the digital transformation and make decisions based on data.

If you are technical staff of a local body, the IMD indicators will allow you identify your organization's strengths and areas for improvement.

If you are a researcher, analyst or any other interested agent, the IMD will provide you with rigorous information on the degree of digital transformation of a territory.

The IMD data are permanently updated and have a large number of metadata, including the description of each of the indicators used. You can download them in CSV format or integrate them into your dashboards or online services through an API.

The IMD dataset has been chosen to be part of the Ranking of the best Open Data of the Barcelona Open Data Initiative, a public and open repository with 50 sets of data designed so that everyone can use this information, encourage reuse and serve as a model.

Access the data

We share the data under the Creative Commons CC-Zero license. They may be copied, modified, distributed and reused without permission, including for commercial purposes. Download the IMD Open Dataset