The Public Procurement Services Platform incorporates new features

Version 6.26.0 of the Public Procurement Services Platform, which was launched in production on the afternoon of 31/01/2022, incorporates a series of changes visible to users of the service. Here are the most relevant ones that you can consult in detail in the linked news document:

  • Change in integration with the notifications and communications module electronic (eNotum): new interface to create and track communications / notifications sent from the PSCP.
  • Modification of the literals of the European fund indicators in the basic data of the file and in the Portal of the PSCP to indicate that they are NextGeneration EU recovery funds.
  • Incorporation of the exclusive access functionality in the contracts Dynamic Acquisition System (SDA) specifications
  • New features and enhancements built into bidding tools electronic (Digital envelope):
  1. Download encrypted sealed envelopes
  2. Limit UTE resentations in BAM or SDA Specific procedures

For more information you can consult the document:

PSCP - news of the February 2022 version.