Deadline to communicate 2021 tenders to the Public Register of Contracts… everything ready?

As already reported, the February 28 is the last day to announce the 2021 tenders in the Public Register of Contracts.

Here are the basics to consider when submitting contracts:

  • Permissions: In order to submit contracts, your Administrator must register us as a PRC user and associate you with your organization. If you can access RPC but your body does not appear, you may need to be associated with it, you should contact the Administrator of your body.
  • Delivery: the option of cheat will allow the data entered to be sent to the Administrative Procurement Advisory Board. If you do not see the option of submitting a specific contract, you can consult the reasons why the option to send does not appear. The FAQ on the burden of minor contracts.
  • Status of contracts: the Public Register of Contracts establishes a circuit for the introduction and validation of information relating to contracts. It is important to keep in mind the possible states that contracts may have to ensure that all are transmitted to the Registry. Until the contracts are validated they will not be displayed in the search engine Public Register of Contracts.

All information on the submission of contracts can be found at Public Contract Registration Support Portal.