Currently all invoices to the Administration are digital, reducing expenses and the payment term. 20 years improving the life of companies

The Open Administration of Catalonia (AOC) has been working since 2002 to make life easier for people and companies in their relations with the administration. The common digital administration services offered by the AOC to all Catalan administrations have been growing in number but also in quality and have made it very easy today to carry out procedures online, without having to travel. anytime, anywhere.

As for the companies, the introduction of the electronic invoice in 2009 and the subsequent impetus given by the Law 25/2013, of 27 December, on the promotion of electronic invoicing and the creation of the accounting register of invoices in the Public Sector, has been instrumental in the process of digital transformation.

Today, invoices are no longer printed, they can be submitted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the status can be tracked at any time, and errors caused by paper management, making the billing process much more efficient and secure.

Rodolf and Clara's bills

Rodolf and Clara are a good example of the digital transformation that electronic invoicing has involved. Both have a hardware store in VilAOC de Baix and VilAOC de Dalt respectively. Both have won a tender in their town hall and, in order to collect, they have to present the invoice for the services provided. Who do you think will get there quickly, efficiently and safely?

At VilaAOC de Baix, Rodolf must present the invoices on paper and wait for the contracting department to carry out the procedures manually until payment is ordered.

On the other hand, at VilAOC de Dalt, Carla processes the invoices with her eyes closed. In an agile, convenient and digital way, it saves time, expenses and headaches.

Each year, the AOC manages 4 million electronic invoices from 80.000 companies. This represents an annual saving of more than € 178 million for society as a whole.

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