94% of tenders published in PSCP by local authorities and universities during 2021 were electronic

At the beginning of the year 2021 we shared through this space that 85% of open tenders from local authorities and universities during 2020 were electronic. This percentage has increased during 2021 so that the current indicator is that 94% of the total tenders published in PSCP by parts of the contracting bodies of these areas in which the AOC Consortium implements the service (local bodies and universities), require the submission of bids by electronic means.

A total of 1146 entities in these fields have made use of electronic bidding in their publications, of which 1095 have been users of the electronic bidding tools integrated with the Public Procurement Services Platform (Digital Envelope and Telematic Submission of 'Offers).

We also point out that, in general, the number of publications in the PSCP by local bodies and universities has increased, reaching a total of 16.479 tender announcements published during the year 2021, compared to 11.162 during in 2020. In addition, 33.903 bids were submitted to these publications through the electronic bidding tools on Digital Envelope and Telematic Submission of Bids, compared to the 24.997 submitted during the previous year.

This consolidates compliance with the legal obligation to ensure the principle of transparency and management efficiency in procurement procedures and confidence in the application of electronic processes, both by the Catalan public administrations, as by the companies that submit to the bidding procedures.

It should be remembered that the Public Procurement Services Platform and its electronic bidding tools are an initiative of the Department of Economy and Finance of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in collaboration with the AOC Consortium, which are in a continuous process. adapting to the new requirements and needs of users, facilitating not only compliance with regulations but also agility and transparency in procurement, as well as efficiency and savings, both for contracting companies, which avoid unnecessary travel for the registration of proposals.