The service letter of the interoperable "Disability data consultation" of the Autonomous Regions of the State is available

This service makes available to all public bodies the Disability Data Consultation service of the different Autonomous Communities of the State, through the Data Intermediation Platform (PID). Service whose purpose is the management and processing of assessments of the legal status of persons with disabilities recognized in the various CC.AA.

This service facilitates the consultation of the disability data of any interested person within the framework of an administrative procedure, the recognition of which has been in any of the Autonomous Communities of the State, except Catalonia.

The data offered are:

  • Degree of disability: Degree of disability indicated as a percentage.
  • Type of disability: Indicates the type of disability of the person.
  • Information regarding mobility difficulties.
  • Indication of whether or not you need a companion for public transport: Determine if the disabled person needs an escort to travel on public transport.
  • Effective date: Date from which the degree of disability was granted.
  • Revision date: Date from which it is necessary to review the degree of disability granted.
  • Indication of whether the validity of the recognition of the disability is permanent or not.
  • Indication of whether or not it has a recognized dependency ratio: Determination of existence of need for a third person.

If you do not yet have authorization for this disability data consultation service from the rest of the CC.AA of the State, you must process the corresponding request available on the website of the AOC Consortium -Via Oberta - "Request the Service" .

It should be noted that, in this service, the disability data relating to the Autonomous Community of Catalonia are not available and therefore searchable, given that this service is already offered through the Department of Social and Family Welfare of the Generalitat of Catalonia available at Catalog of Interoperable Data and Documents.

Therefore, in the case of the need to consult disability data in Catalonia by those public bodies that do not have authorization, this service must be requested.