How to integrate with the AOC Citizen Folder Hub to meet the Next Generation requirements

Procedures, actions and files can now be integrated

Once the pilot phase has ended, the first version of the service has gone into production and registrations can now be requested and administrations that need to integrate their systems can now have the solution.

Directory on the integration with the Citizen Folders Hub of El meu espai

To carry out the integration with the Hub de Folderes Ciudadanes (HCC) and thus view the information in My space of actions and files, you have the following information:

First steps to integrate

You will find the steps to follow to carry out the integration in the documentation and simplifying are:

A. Pre-production

  1. Carry out the development explained in GitHub document repository.
  2. Fill out the contact form on the Support portal: indicating in the subject “Integration in tests of El meu espai – Hub de Carpetes Ciudadanes". Adding to it the URLs of the endpoints with examples of the queries.
  3. Once the functionalities of the endpoints have been validated in pre-production by the AOC, set the release date for production and follow the steps of B) Production.

B. Production

  1. A new contact form from the Support portal must be submitted: annexing the integration application document signed. Indicating in the subject “Integration in the production of El meu espai – Citizen Folders Hub” and specifying in the body of the support form the definitive URLS of the queries.
  2. For release to production, the exposed endpoints must be secured:
    1. Communications via HTTPS.
    2. Enable the IPs through which the CAOC will reach the web services offered: and

Once the AOC has received the necessary information to query the data, it will validate that the integration is working correctly in production and activate the service.

Documentation related to integration

You will find all the information related to the integration with the Citizen Folders Hub available on their GitHub website and it is also possible to access through the following image:

My space i The Hub of Citizen Folders

The Hub of Citizen Folders is the technological element that makes it possible for various sources of information relating to citizenship to contribute to display it in citizen folders through interoperability mechanisms.

My space is the citizens folder provided by the AOC and becomes the personal inter-administrative space that offers citizens greater control of their relationship with the administration, the Consortium offers it in collaboration with the Network of Transparent Governments of Catalonia. You can see more information about the service at the plain of My space.

Which procedures can I integrate through the Citizen Folders Hub?

The HCC data model is designed with a broad vision to collect almost all types of actions and procedures. From registration entries, requests through other channels or other types of actions with citizens. The main criterion is to differentiate between actions that citizens initiate or send to the administration; and those that the administration generates or forwards to the public.

In addition, the HCC will allow you to integrate files, allowing people to see details of them and, for example, a URL to see more information.

First companies and integrated suppliers in the final pilot phase

Currently, the pilot phase of the integration is being finalized and the AOC is already in a position to handle more requests.

Currently, several public bodies and suppliers are in production or pre-production:

The providers of market solutions that act as a link for their client entities and that currently have a sufficient degree of completion in their integration are*:

* You can consult thestate of the integrations of the AOC Consortium services.

Requirements for Next Generation calls for integration with AGE solutions

One of the questions that are often asked by entities that receive Next Generation grants (you will find more information about AOC funds and services in this post) is how to integrate with the citizen folder through the Hub of Citizen Folders provided by the AOC Consortium.

The AOC has carried out the following integrations with the services of the AGE and acts as an interoperability node for public entities in Catalonia in the following areas:

  • Interconnection of records: through the EACAT platform of the AOC it is integrated with the system of interconnection of records (SIR) of the AGE.
  • Electronic invoicing: The e.FACT service is the general entry point for electronic invoices in Catalonia and is integrated and interoperable with the AGE's FACE solution.
  • Citizen Folders: The AOC Citizen Folder Hub is integrated with the AGE Citizen Folder. Currently, this integration has a technical impact that is in the process of being resolved.
  • Electronic notifications: The AOC's e-Notum service is integrated into the AOC's Folders Hhub and, therefore, the information is available in the AGE's Citizen Folder. Additionally, e-Notum is being integrated with the Dirección Habilitada Electrónica Única (DEHú) solution of the AGE, after the definition process of the interoperability standards in the scope of the work group of the Sectoral Committee of Electronic Administration.
  • Data and document exchange: The AOC's Via Oberta platform is integrated and interoperable with the AGE's Data Intermediation (PID) platform.
  • Verification of digital identities: The VALID digital identity verification platform of the AOC is integrated with the Cl@ve platform of the AGE. The validation platform for qualified digital certificates Validator of the AOC is integrated with the @Signatura platform of the AGE
  • Electronic representations: The Represent service of the AOC is in the process of integration with the Apoder@ solution of the AGE, after the process of defining the standards of interoperability in the scope of the work group of the Sectoral Committee of Administration electronics

You will find the online report protected with the password “informenextgen”. Available online until 30/06/2023.