Keys to amend a publication in the Contractor Profile

If a change needs to be made to a phase published in the Contractor Profile, an amendment needs to be made. Here are some key points to help you: 

  • Once the new version of the phase is created, to be able to modify the contract details or the corresponding specifications (from the Folds and Other Documents tab) you must first click the "Save" button in the new editing phase to activate the option to edit attachments. 
  • It is not possible modify basic data of the announcement through the amendment if there is a published phase (only the modification of the end date of publication in the profile and the management tool is allowed). 
  • It is not possible add or remove batches of the tender through the amendment procedure. If, for example, the ad has been erroneously published without batches, the contracting authority will need to consider canceling the dossier. 

See how to amend a PSCP post in the following FAQ: How can an amendment be made?