Reminder of the deadline for communicating the contractual data for the year 2020 to the Public Register of Contracts

We remind you that the February 26 2021, the term ends defined by the Department of the Vice Presidency, Economy and Finance to communicate to the Public Register of Contracts the data relating to the contracts for the 2020 financial year. It is therefore necessary to verify that before this date, all data entered in the PRC that are in the status "contracting agency" or "returned contract" are duly sent.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that all contracts that have been published in an aggregate and / or mass manner in the PSCP must be reported to the PRC. This includes reporting correctly:

  • The aggregate publication of minor contracts
  • The aggregate publication of contracts based on framework agreement.
  • The mass publication of emergency contracts

This year due to the current situation for covid-19 many contracts have been processed by emergency, you need to be careful that all are properly communicated to the PRC.

With regard to these emergency contracts, after testing, from the Administrative Procurement Advisory Board, it has been verified that the system allows for a massive load of emergency contracts. The bulk loading section of minor contracts can be used to inform emergency contracts. You must use the template for minor contracts to fill in the template data and indicate in the class field (processing) that it is an emergency. The staff for minors cannot be used, regardless of the amount of the contracts, as this staff does not have the field to indicate the type of processing of the contract and therefore it cannot be indicated that the contract is emergency.