After these months of filming the CAMPUS, we have added new content to the CAMPUS. We have improved in the classification of the contents and in their access. You will now find the contents of self-learning more easily, in case you want to review any of the AOC services in 5/10 minutes.

We have created a new space that we have named CLASSROOM to be able to take courses with a tutor and obtain a certificate of completion of the course. Right now, in the Classroom, you can take courses on the services of theBeast I of l 'iArchive anytime.

You also have in the Classroom, the Virtual Course for Operators of idCAT Registration Entities, but for this course, you need to register using the form found in this course space.

And finally, you have the training space Live, which are the interactive trainings we do monthly via Teams of the services: Representa, eNotum, eTauler, ViaOberta, eContractació, iArxiu and EACAT. We do the training from 9.30 am to 11.30 am, and you can now register for the November sessions.