Elimination of offers received in Digital Envelope and Telematic Submission of Offers - 15/02/2021

As planned and advanced through previous ones press releases, will be performed a cleaning of the database of the tools that allow the presentation of electronic proposals integrated with the Platform of Public Procurement Services (Digital Envelope and Telematic Presentation of Offers).

The deletion process will start on February 15 2021 i  will entail the deletion of the documentation on the files that meet the following conditions.

It has been 30 days or more since its completion:

  • Published formalization.
  • Adjudication published and with the mark “Finish the file” in the basic data.
  • Award published as void.

What will be deleted?

  • The documents of all the envelopes of the offer.
  • The requirements documents.
  • Files generated by the platform: summary, presentation receipts and envelope tablets.

We remind you that Digital Envelope and the Telematic Submission of Tenders functionality are tools for sending and receiving electronic proposals and do not constitute a repository of the documentation that composes them, which must be downloaded and saved by the contracting bodies. in the respective managers during the processing of the files.

In this way, is important before the date indicated in this press release, check that you have all the documentation that makes up the offers of your procurement files, downloaded from the tool, considering that it will be totally inaccessible from this action.