What's new in the Public Procurement Services Platform and in Digital Envelope

As of 03/02/2020, you have a new version of the Public Procurement Services Platform (version 6.20). This version incorporates, among others, the following new features:

Options are added in the "Support electronic bidding" section to basic data of the file in the management tool: in this way, it is possible to define whether other electronic bidding tools are used that are not integrated with the PSCP, or the regulatory exception for which we are not used in electronic bidding in a specific file.

Process of removing signatures from published documents:  a process is added that removes the signature (image and properties) from the published documents that contain it, so that it will not be visible from the contractor profile. This facilitates the process of publishing documents without compromising compliance with data protection regulations. The data included in the content of the documents must also continue to be taken into account.

Improvements in the functionality of electronic notifications / communications (eNotum): the possibility of sending an electronic notification or communication to a company is incorporated
without informing the contact person's details.

On the other hand, the possibility of informing the footnote in order to avoid confusion and that it is informed only in the office of notification is eliminated.

Renewal of the envelope configuration functionality with the Digital Envelope image: in order to make it more usable and based on the most up-to-date technology.

Configuration flexibility and opening of envelopes in batches: the new functionality allows you to configure different number of envelopes to the bidding lots, adding the copy functionality of the configuration from one lot to another.

The possibility of opening the envelopes of certain lots of the tender at different times is also added, so that it will be possible to continue with the process of opening the lots that are already open, even if some lots are left closed. from the previous envelope.

Presentation of offers with amendable signatures:
the Digital Envelope tool allows the presentation of offers whose signature requires amendment. Therefore, in cases where the certificate validation tool does not recognize that a signature of the offer summary is correct, the Digital Envelope tool will allow its presentation to be completed. The circumstance that the offer contains an unvalidated signature will be reported to
the bidding company by means of a message at the time of the presentation of the offer and is reflected in the receipt of the presentation of the offer and the contracting body may, once the corresponding envelope is opened, request the document with the amended signature .

See the details of these and other features in the news document built into the version:

Download (PDF, 1.4MB)