News on the Public Procurement Services Platform and on Digital Envelope (6.21)

As of 04/05/2020, you have a new version of the Public Procurement Services Platform (version 6.21). This version incorporates, among others, the following new features:

Emergency procedure: by marking an emergency “type of procedure” in the basic data of the file in the management tool, publication is allowed without the need to be informed, neither the “type of procedure” nor the options in the “support electronic submission” section.

New management of bidders in Digital Envelope:  for the procedures created from the new version with the Digital Envelope tool defined by the presentation of offers, the management of bidders moves to the interface of this with adapting the styles of the functionality and allowing the access through of the envelope opening tool. (funcionality available throughout this week).

Tenders that are configured with online submission of bids will continue to be managed from the management tool. Also, within the digital envelope tool, the following novelties are incorporated:

New types of documentation requirements: the Digital Envelope tool incorporates new types of documentation requirements:

  • Signature (for the signing of the contract in the formalization phase)
  • Signature amendment (to require submission of bid summary with a correct signature)
  • Others (for other requirements)

You can consult the details of these and other functionalities in the document of novelties incorporated in the version below:

Download (PDF, 943KB)