Portable browser for using the PSCP management tool

As we advanced you through the publication in this space, given the discontinuity of support from the main browsers on the market, to the technology on which the management tool of the Public Procurement Services Platform operates, a portable browser will be made available to you, which you can download to your computers. This contingency solution will allow you to continue using the current tool, until the implementation of the final solution adapted to current technology.

Over the next few days, when you access the management tool of the Public Procurement Services Platform, the courtesy page where you will find the executable file “pscp.exe”, certified by the Catalan Cybersecurity Agency to allow you to execute it safely; the installation manual and the supporting data where you should contact in case of doubts or problems in the installation.

We remind you that this browser will allow you to open the application of the Platform management tool and access the envelope configuration, but we recommend that other actions, such as opening envelopes or documentation requirements in companies, are made from the Specific URL.

To access other web addresses, you can do so through the usual browsers you work with.

How to access the courtesy page to download the portable browser ?:

You will find it from the usual entry in the tool, from the EACAT applications tab, when the Department of the Vice-Presidency, Economy and Finance has enabled its display (in anticipation of the week of 7/12/2020 al 11/12/2020).

From the AOC, from 04/12/2020, we also adapt the access link from this section of EACAT, towards the main page of the management tool shown in the screenshot below. From this page, PSCP users will have to identify themselves with a digital certificate (for the actions of the validator role) or with an EACAT username and password (for the actions of the publisher). Once identified, you will see the PSCP home screen and be able to work as usual.

It is from this screen that you will find the download page of the portable browser, once enabled.