The AOC, assisting the digital transformation of public administrations

Marta Arderiu, Deputy Director of Technology and Services at the AOC

Vicky Millán, head of the AOC eContracting Service

The transition from the world of paper to the digital world has been and is, for public administrations and also for private organizations, a challenge present in all discourses, but it has been set in motion and even less achieved by very few. Law 11/2007, on electronic access of citizens to public services, had very little impact on public workers and elected officials. The excuse of "as long as their budgetary availability allows" of its third final provision was taken literally by the vast majority of organizations in order not to have to change the ways of working internally and relate to the citizen.

It is from Law 39/2015, of the common administrative procedure of public administrations, and Law 40/2015, of legal regime of the public sector, that opens the great opportunity for those who really want to improve the system public and, in our case, that of the Catalan public administrations. But time and repeated failures have shown us that work inertia is not changed just by applying technology to old vices, but that real transformation involves changes in habits based on a new work methodology.

From the AOC, and in complicity with Catalan provincial councils, we have already transformed 150 municipal organizations, with the eSET working method, and 1.500 public workers. We value the savings that have an impact on these changed councils by more than 7 million euros, and some 360.000 citizens already benefit from them. It is a common working model that allows us to share methodology and resources, and helps them optimize ICTs, monetize costs and improve services to their citizens. It has a vocation to become a standard in the territory.

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