The Government wants to elaborate one draft decree for the digital transformation of the Administration of the Generalitat and opened one public consultation, aimed at all citizens and entities, to capture the perception, experience and criteria of citizens regarding their access to digital administration services as well as the exercise of their rights in this context.

The draft decree on Digital Administration must establish the new legal regime of the common administrative procedure, as well as the necessary reorganization to adapt the new paradigm of public administration to the European framework of digital transformation and the application of new technologies to 'Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The main ones targets of the initiative are:

  • To give a new impulse to the digital transformation of the Administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia
  • Adapt current regulatory regulations on administrative processing to the provisions of Laws 39 and 40/2015
  • Have an organizational structure capable of driving and leading digital transformation
  • Promote the use of corporate tools and platforms
  • Promote the standardization, standardization, design and improvement of all the elements and procedures to be defined for existing services and platforms
  • Promote the standardization of services and processes to avoid the dispersion and dependence on external developments
  • Improve the provision of public services to citizens through the use of new technologies
  • Ensure effective digital training of public employees
  • Manage corporate tools and platforms efficiently and efficiently
  • Achieve a flexible legal framework that allows the evolution of digital services in parallel with the evolution of ICT

The deadline to participate in the public consultation ends on January 21, 2019.