Extension of deadline for the submission of contract data to the Public Contracts Registry

Just like we gave you communicate, the deadline stipulated by the Administrative Procurement Advisory Board for the submission of data relating to the procurement procedures for 2018, was defined by 15/02/2019. We also inform you that this has been extended until 28/02/2019.

Prior to this date, the data relating to the 2018 contracts must be reported to the Public Register of Contracts (PRC) and those that are currently still in the “contracting body” or “returned contract” state must be duly sent.

Remember that the "SME" field has been added to the data to register a new successful bidder. This is a Yes / No field where it is necessary to indicate whether or not the successful bidder is an SME (in the case of individuals, this field must be reported with the value “Yes”). This new field must also be reported in the case of minor contracts loaded en masse with excels, and already appears in the corresponding templates that are downloaded from the application.

For the transmission of this data you can make use of the new features which for a few months now includes the Public Register of Contracts to facilitate the submission and settlement of minor contracts.