Main developments in e-Contracting services

Since the entry into force of the new Public Sector Contracts Act (9/1017) and the obligation to apply electronic processes in public procurement procedures, e-Procurement has experienced a period of boom for the continuous adaptations of the tools of the Generalitat de Catalunya, developed by the Technical Secretariat of the Advisory Board together with the ICT Area of ​​the Department of the Vice-Presidency, Economy and Finance, which the AOC implements in the local world and in universities.


We would like to highlight these innovations introduced by the new LCSP the obligation that applies, from its entry into force on March 9, 2018 to all contracting bodies of the public sector, to require companies to submit tenders to procurement files through electronic means.

In this way, We remind you that on 15/03/2018 it was implemented in all entities using the Public Procurement Services Platform (PSCP) in the areas of application of the AOC service, the About Digital 2.0 tool, which through integration with the PSCP allows the publication of tenders enabling the submission of electronic proposals in those procedures that require enveloping bids.

As a result of the offer of the service of the Generalitat to the bodies of his field and of this activation of the same in the local world and the universities (fields of implantation of the AOC), to date have published to the PSCP more than 2.500 tenders enabled with this option that have allowed the presentation of more than 7.400 offers through this channel.

D'altra banda, the Telematic Presentation of Offers, a second feature that allows companies to submit proposals to tenders by electronic means through the PSCP, designed for minor procedures, negotiated without publicity, derived from framework agreement and the new open simplified and simplified abbreviated, despite being available prior to the entry into force of the new LCSP, was automatically configured by all bodies in the areas of implementation of the AOC service on the same date as the Digital Envelope. With this type of presentation, they have already been published in the Contractor Profiles more than 1.000 tenders during 2018, allowing the submission of more than 1.600 bids.

Regarding the Public Procurement Services Platform (PSCP), we remind you that despite its adaptation for compliance with the requirements of Law 9/2017 the day before the entry into force of the same, it is still evolving in order to offer more fully and simply functionally these adaptations. You have a description of these developments in the document Recommendations for the use of PSCP with the entry into force of Law 9/2017. We also summarize below the different phases it includes. Currently, phase 1 and phase 2 are implemented:

  • PHASE 1.- Contingency solutions are implemented at the time of the entry into force of the new law on March 9, 2018. In phase 1.1, the publication of orders on their own means was enabled.
  • PHASE 2.- The PSCP has the option of making aggregate publications, by means of a calculation file, of minor contracts, files based on a framework agreement in the award phase and own orders of less than € 50.000 in the formalization phase. .
  • PHASE 3.- The PSCP will be enabled with the new fields defined in Annex III of the new contract law. The Execution phase of the contracts will also be added.
  • PHASE 4.- The integration services will be adapted so that all the new fields can be sent automatically from the file managers integrated in the PSCP. As long as this adaptation is not implemented by the integration services and the adapted file managers, it will be necessary to manually inform the mandatory data and documents before publishing them to PSCP.

Otherwise it has been considered necessary to prioritize in front of the phases of adaptation 3 and 4 that are not yet implemented, the novelties described below:

  • Development of procedures with phases: restricted, bidding with negotiation, negotiated without publicity and competitive dialogue.
  • Improvements in the telematic bidding tool: guaranteeing non-access to bids until the end of the submission period; have the traceability of the presentation and unify the design with the Digital Envelope.

Finally, as news that will be applied to the Public Register of Contracts soon, we highlight the bulk settlement functionality and enabling a specific file for reporting minor contracts. We will publish information on the use of these new features in the future PRC Support Portal.

Remember that as each of the new features described above that are missing to be implemented in the e-procurement tools offered by the AOC are put into production, we will make the corresponding post on this blog and you will receive an e-mail communication in case you have processed the subscription the same.

For any questions or comments in this regard you have as always at your disposal, the Support Portals below and the contact form with our Customer Service Center (CAU), specific for contracting services.


Support Portal for the Public Procurement Services Platform.

Electronic Bidding Support Portal for contracting bodies

Electronic Bidding Support Portal for companies

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