The Public Register of Contracts includes new features to facilitate the sending and settlement of minors

As we advanced you to the post of New in the recruitment services In this space, it was planned to add two new features to the Public Contracts Registry to facilitate the sending of minor contracting data: specific file for reporting minor contracts bulk settlement functionality

At the beginning of the year we left you communicate that the possibility of informing the reduced minors had been added in a simpler way (less than 5000 euros for the local world and less than 3000 euros for the universities), as much for the functionality of information by means of excel, as for the file of individual load through a specific screen of reduced children which is enabled by checking the option below in the award form:

From today, you also have a specific option to report minor contracts that exceed the amount of the reduced minor, by ticking the option below:

This new form allows you to register contracts smaller than:

  • Have a single batch
  • They last at most two years
  • Don't be studies and opinions
  • Do not have multiple VAT, public innovation purchase, joint procurement, amounts to be determined, clauses, guarantees, offers, contract situations or associated documentation.

To report minor contracts that do not meet any of the characteristics you will need to use the general contract form without checking the boxes "minor contracts" or "minor contract of reduced information".

On the other hand, a functionality has been added that allows the mass liquidation of minors for compliance, without object of appeal, without evaluation report and without extended term through the screen below:


For more information you have at your disposal the Portal of Support of the Public Register of Contracts.